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Default EA releases deauthorization tools

Not sure if everyone is aware of this so I though I should share this. Finally able to manage my mass effect activations. If this had been in place from the start most of the issues would have been avoided.

De-authorization with the EA De-Authorization Management Tool is a simple two-step process:

(1) Download the EA De-Authorization Management Tool. This tool: (a) scans your computer to determine which EA PC games released after May 2008 with machine authorization limits your computer has been authorized to play; and (b) tells you how many computer authorizations you have available for each detected game.

(2) Download the game-specific de-authorization tool(s) to de-authorize your computer for whichever game(s) you choose. Once de-authorized, a machine "slot" will be freed up and can be re-used on another machine. De-authorization does not uninstall the game, however, so if you decide you want to re-authorize your computer later, all you have to do is re-launch the game.
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