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Heh, I like opengl, can you tell from my desc..

The way I see it, I can even forsee DX being phased out. Well D3D at least. If Linux gets a good market share (and its on the increase) I think more ppl will start to use it. Apple dropped their own 3d API, and integrated GL directly into the OS.

It makes sense in the long run. Wouldn't it be great if M$ integrated OpenGL into DX. There'd be no-more bitching about which API to use.. And M$ and the ARB could all agree on future directions. Standards are good. Standards are even better when 1 company doesn't have absolute control.

But as long as the Xbox is about, alot of PC games will make use of DX for easy porting to Xbox, thus more revenue. Its quite a good plan by M$ to try and control the 3d API of games.

OpenGL is just appearing on mobile phones for games n stuff.. and that is a _huge_ ass market thats just coming to life. Theres probably more ppl that have mobile phones than pc's!

And OpenGL will always be around even after id Software closes.. it is used for _alot_ of stuff, not just games.

As for performance, submitting primitives is faster in OpenGL, because D3D does a kernal switch to ring 0 each time, so its alot more important to batch bigger in D3D.
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