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Default Re: default fan speed at 100% on 9600GT

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
Use nvclock.
No dice.

With Xorg running, I get this:
# nvclock -F 90
While NVClock can adjust the fanspeed of your videocard this features is disabled by default because of safety reasons.!
If you really know what you are doing you can enable it by adding the -f switch to the nvclock command.
Ok, looks like NVClock can adjust my fan speed while Xorg is running.

When Xorg is NOT running, I get this:
~ # nvclock -F 90
Error: adjustment of the fanspeed isn't supported on your type of videocard!
This makes NVClock useless for my purposes. I want my fan quiet even while Xorg isn't loaded, like during boot up.

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