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Default Re: GTX 280 vs. 8800GTS G92 SLI

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Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
The cards are 11" instead of 8.5" They generate more heat too, but I don't think it will be too much of an issue. If you are talking about the Stacker 830 case then my only concern is cable length. You'll need to be able to run one of the 8 pin connectors and one of the 6 pin connectors to the bottom GPU. It's going to be a pretty good stretch but I think you can manage it. The PSU should handle them just fine.
NOt sure if my case is the Stacker 830... my info says Digital Storm Twister ULTRA.

My next concern is with the length. the top card would fit np, but the bottom one would be obstructed by my cooler pump for my cpu... I really don't want to have to drain cooler and make new tubes...
That definitely looks like the stacker. It looks like you have plenty of room from what I can make out. If you have a tape measure just hold it behind your current card and measure another 1.5" or about 40mm. The power cables on the GTX 280 come out of the top of the card so you won't have an issue there. Where you have your 6 pin for the bottom card ran you wouldn't have any issues running the 8 pin down that same path and have enough length. Mine are tucked into the channels next to the drive bay, so I needed to use the adapters to get to my bottom card.

Here is a pic of my setup with a pair of 8800GTX cards in it. They are the same length as the GTX 280s. You can see they hang off the back of the board a little bit, but they still aren't that close to the drive bay. I think that's where your pump is but it's hard to tell from the pic. EDIT: I see the pump down there now. If you look closely in my pic you can see the screw hole behind the card. There is plenty of clearance there.

Another measurement is from the back of the motherboard. I'm showing 7/8" overhang from the card. If you have 1" between the motherboard and the pump, I'd say your okay.

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