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Originally Posted by K007 View Post
so how does this last remenent game work out? Is it like fable?
It's a pretty good game, but the battle-system feels a bit unpolished. It's still pretty unique as you can have as many as 5 unions, consisting of one to three people, instead of just one. You also have a lot of different battle-formations to choose from that affect your fighting-style and stats.

The only frustrating thing is that the battle-commands are pretty random(you can't choose specifically which units to heal/revive). You also cannot change the equipment of your fellow party members(you can help them collect items they need if they ask for it and rarely even lend them equipment). This is pretty dumb as there are a lot of weapons and shields to buy that are race-specific - so if you say buy a sword for 200 000 gil it's not even guaranteed that one of your characters will ever use it.

The dungeons are pretty linear and sometimes you just get the feeling that they've copy-pasted the same part of a cave over and over again just to make the game longer(but instead makes it tiresome).

So it's by no means a Final Fantasy-quality title, but should suffice as a time-waster 'til the real deal hits the shelves!

Overall I'd give it a 6.5/10.
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