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Default Re: I need a new GPU for around $100

Originally Posted by kazna View Post
Gotta disagree with you here. 4850x2 is solid priceerformance wise, but its super power hungry at idle, ridiculously loud at load, and relies on crossfire support in the drivers. The GTX 285 doesn't have any of these issues and it performs very close in a majority of titles.

AMD's best value right now is without a doubt the 1gb 4870. Same price ($189) as the GTX 260 and it has a performance advantage in a majority of games.
Well it has its faults, but the GTX 260 55nm is a better buy(imo) than the 4870 1GB so it's the only card that doesn't have its equal from the nvidia camp that would be better(and by that I mean driver support, physX, cuda etc.).

The 4850x2 outperforms the GTX 285 in almost every game out there and is a fair bit cheaper too(315€ for a GTX 285 and 250€ for a 4850x2).

Read anandtech's conclusion to their 2-way sli/crossfire article here and you'll see what I'm talking about.

EDIT: Xbit labs had some pretty different performance numbers here, but they are equal at least(but the 4850x2 is cheaper).
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