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Default Re: default fan speed at 100% on 9600GT

Same behavior for us both, yes. I did try 0.8b4.
Edit: okay to help you (and myself) with some testing. I'm clever enough to make edits in the source, then recompile and try again, but not much more. I am completely ignorant of hardware.

It's funny though that the --force option works when X is started. As if nvclock was in fact acting through the driver rather than acting directly on the GPU... I even changed the code to bypass all the error checks and go directly to the same routines that are succesful when X is working. In which case nvclock runs but has no effect. The ouput of getclock shows that it does not manage to contact the card.

BTW, thunderbird, it might be worth for you knowing that the registries for my 9600GT PCX are not "inverted" like nv50.c assumes they are.

With X running, nvclock -f --fanspeed 10 first gives a getclock values at 65% (which is really 35%, probably), then setclock sets 10% but you can hear that the fan really goes at 90%, before getclock reports a value of 10.2%. The reason is that the formulas in the code start with "1 -" which is probably not appropriate for this particular chipset. It is remotely dangerous because (probably) the user could stop the GPU fan completely.
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