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Default Internal State Degradation In all ~177+ drivers when running WoW

Ever since somewhere in the 170 series, I believe around 176, World of Warcraft (under wine) causes some kind of internal state issues in the nvidia drivers. The longer WoW is running, especially in certain areas of the game world (but it can happen anywhere) the more likely the following is to happen:

Flat-out crash (~15% odds)
Polygon explosion. Tons of triangles with random corrupt textures start partying on my screen. Nearby models have random vertices start jumping all over. Rarely, even outside my game window other composited windows will start getting garbage written to them.

Restarting WoW fixes this, but then it happens again, only sooner this time. Then sooner, then sooner, then eventually starting WoW instantly gives these errors until i restart X

This indicates that something in the internal state of the nvidia driver is getting screwed. I've not found any particular settings that reduce this (i'm using no overrides in nvidia settings). Restarting X causes the problem to go away (until i play for a few more hours and it starts to get progressively worse again).

Any ideas? I'm on atm, though this issue started with a driver update, and kernel version doesn't seem to affect it.
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