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Originally posted by lukar
OpenGL doesn't have to offer anything over DX9.0.
That's the fact, and I was talking about OpenGL being death in that sense.
Everything what comes to the OpenGL API, comes from DX.
If I have to make choice between DX or OpenGL in order to run the game, I choose DX.
OGL is absolutely amazing. In general it's more stable, better looking, less cpu dependent, not platform dependent, and it's not M$. I care mostly about the first three, but the last two are important pirks. Just look at any game that has both implementations. The OGL renderer is ALWAYS better. Even with the original UT, with that hacked together OGL renderer, fps was still more stable than D3D. I'm sorry, but in this case, I can't even repect your opinion. It's really sad that D3D seems to dominate these days. It's because of M$ pumping all this money into the program and manipulating developers. These days D3D is beginning to become more advanced than OGL, but back then D3D was a piece of garbage and yet somehow with all the cash M$ has it has managed to brute force introduce it and have it be used.
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