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Default Re: The Last Remnant

meh, one thing that pops up that annoys me...judging mob difficulty before fighting them. I have gotten quite good at saving after every fight (I dont auto save). One time a mob in a dungion can be killed with maybe a death...another time you zone in it suddenly it wipes the floor with you. Perfect example was the dragon in the heroic ramparts, first time I ran through I did quiet well against him. I come back to the place a second time a level or 2 higher and now he is one shotting me cause they increases its level.
The eagles nest battle is also umbelivably annoying. so many units that are off-map, and suddenly you can find yourself surrounded. Also whats with the reinforcements? I still only have 4 unions and these jackholes are throwing 7 enemy units and 3 boss units at me. -_-

This game isn't easy. Oh yea, jacking one of my main damage dealing melee for this mission didnt help.
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