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Question Multiseat dualhead with 2 SCREENs

* I have 2 monitors, mice and keyboards, and a dual-head nv6200.

* I want me and my friend to work independedly on the same computer without additional hardware.

* I need accelerated 3D to work at least on one monitor, but both seats with 3D is my goal. It would be great it I could change both monitor resolutions at runtime.

Links: What is mutiseat / multiterminal * How to do it in linux (see also other links in the article) * 100% working solution for windowsXP

Btw, I have 2 seats with full functionality under windowsXP via shareware proprietary software. I had a quake duel with my friend on a single computer and it worked without a flaw. It is very stable (I only sometimes see visual glitches, and only if two DirectX windows are active, OpenGL works fine)

I am trying to get along with the configuration with 2 independed Xorg servers using one same videocard. I don't care about the overhead from 2 Xorgs.

I am able to independedly control input devices through evdev. That is, keyboard1 affects only with monitor1, and so on.

Xorgs launch and work, but only one at a time: when one initializes, the other turns itself off (but X still runs - that is, it is not killed).

Twinview also works fine (but I don't need it in the current configuration).

I *was* able to somehow get them to work simultaneously: X started on first monitor, then it turned itself off and the second one was initialized. If I then pressed Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, Xorgs would restart showing both of screens active at once (due to a problem with evdev, both X reacted on any of my keyboards - it was like typing on two computers with one keyboard). It looked like a bug to me, but a useful one. But evdev didn't work, so I had to upgrade everything, and two simultaneous X did not work from then on. I can post my configuration at that moment, if anyone wants it.

So, I need nvidia driver to somehow only initialize only one of two heads. Does anyone have a clue, how could that be possible?

Any other tips on how may able to I archive my goal are welcome. (Xephyr will likely work over TwinView, but I need the 3D which it doesn't support, AFAIK.)

Thank you in advance!
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