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Default Re: Vin Diesel IS... The Wheelman: Official Thread

Originally Posted by Loreman View Post
Have you tried renaming the .exe to the UT3 one?
No, I will try that later. Forcing AF works, for the record, and looks a lot better.

Just wrote this on the Steam forum as a mini-review:

VERY fun game. The controls are spot-on on PC and the visuals are nice, but what really stand out is that the game is just madcap insanity kind of fun. Every moment feels like an over-the-top Hollywood action movie and the story is the same way. Car chases are insane and so it the "car melee" dynamic, which has you swinging your mouse around Wii style in order to bump other cars.

This is not realistic at all, you can ram a car head on riding a motorcycle and not even be thrown off sometimes, and when you are you don't even get hurt. This is balls to the wall fun and I very much enjoy it, sort of the opposite of Grand Theft Auto IV (though I love that game for different reasons).

Performance is great, on my GTX 260 the game flies at 90fps in 1920x1200. Sadly there are NO graphics options other than resolution, so it feels like a port. It takes up the whole screen though, and as I said it controls well, so it's not too bad. Forcing AF through the control panel works great, but AA does not, sadly. Maybe that can be worked out soon.

In short, if you like madcap racing games with tons of action I HIGHLY suggest a purchase, unless the lack of AA and other graphics options will highly annoy you.
It's really fun to play.
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