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Default Re: will a mac video card work on a pc?

A couple questions. First, did you get it to work? I'll take not responding as a yes.

Originally Posted by Getitdone007 View Post
i think it is he bought from apple and he has a ACD hooked up via mini display ports so maybe you guys didnt know that macs use intel processors now or somthing but i already ordered mine .. thanks for help tho
Do you mean he has a Mac card in a pc or a Mac card in a Mac? Big difference.

Third, what does the intel have to do with it? Just curious what you thought that might mean because while the architecture of the chip matters for the software (OS), it doesn't necessarily effect the other hardware. If you look at other forums it is the BIOS of the graphics card that matters.

Oh, and FYI: They have had Intel chips for something like three years now. I was sad to see them ditch the Power PC chips, but there isn't any better Intel chip they could have moved to then the Core.
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