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Default Re: Official 180.44 driver released

Originally Posted by raffaele181188 View Post
What other driver can I use? Only vesa I know, but I think with that way compositng will be turned off...
The problem only exists when compositing is turned on?
Because plasma should, in general, work without it.
In that case you could try vesa or nv.

For compositing ... maybe nouveau works for you, I don't know it's current status.

The matter is: I have this software: Kde 4.2.1, Qt 4.5rc1, NVidia driver version 180.11 and everything goes right (but the systray doesn't work). If I upgrade ONLY the driver I get my systray working but also that graphical garbage. So why do you think it's a Qt related problem?
Because I had this borders as well with QT 4.5rc1 (and KDE 4.2 I guess), and they are gone with KDE 4.2.1 built against QT 4.5.

As well the problem with garbaged icons in the systray is gone since QT 4.5 for me, unrelated to the driver used.

I hope my English will be clear enough (sorry!)
Yes, I guess I got you right. It might be driver related, I just suspect the QT and / or KDE version because I faced issues similar to your screenshots, which are now gone (unrelated to which driver I use, including the new 180.44)

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