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Default Re: KDE4 graphical corruption

Originally Posted by raffaele181188 View Post
Hi, I have a 7100
With this release the systray issue is gone away! :-)
But now I have a graph corruption, which I never experienced before
KDE 4.2.1, 180.44 (also 185.13 beta):

I hope you can see the problems.. Horizontal transparent lines (about 1 px height) and nasty black border (15px!) around Plasmoids with Oxygen theme! Also a 1px-height transparent horiz line in the "gimp" icon on the panel (i hope you can see)
Also tried 185.13 beta, same results... I hope it will help. I don't want to downgrade because since this release I have a working systray!!! :-)
Best regards
Looks like Qt4.5 raster mode, ask your distro.
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