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Default Re: Is it worth it to get back into wow?

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
I played WoW since launch. WotLK is the same as 1-70. There are some new twists on the quests, mainly, a lot of phase shifting, where you complete long quest chains and buildings and things change, stuff like that. There's bombing runs like in Outland and the use of vehicles and specialized mounts. They did a lot of that.

However, most of it is kill 10 of these, bring me back 6 of those, use this item on 10 of these, etc. It's really the same old thing.

Then at 80 you can grind some of the reps for vendor items, just like in Burning Crusade with Aldor, Scryer, Lower City, all that stuff. The dungeon runs are a bit easier than the level 60 or 70 game.

As such I have finally quit WoW, I got bored, hit 80 back in December, about a month, many hit it much earlier in my guild. The new areas are very well done and nice, more akin to old world Azeroth and not wierd and spacey like Outland.

It was just time for me to move on, I never played a game as long as I did WoW, over 4 years.
QFT. I managed to finally stop for good only a few days ago, though I'd been playing very infrequently recently. Can't believe I put as much time into WoW as I did (at least 200 /played days across all my characters).

Originally Posted by v3rninator
What about some good weaps? Like ranged for my hunter, are they hard to come by?
Gear is incredibly easy to obtain, I'd expect to see yourself in full epics for the most part a few weeks after you hit 80, just run Naxx and heroics with your guild or friends. Hell every raid is PUG'able now so you can do that too if you want. There are many BOE items as well.
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