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So, I just flashed my mobo to the latest BIOS with hopes that I might be able to start oc'ing my proc.


No options what so ever to oc anything. The most I can do is tighten my memory timings. Shouldn't there be a place to up my memory speed manualy? All I can do is choose options from a menu, which peak at 800Mhz (though my RAM is DDR2 1066). The mobo says my proc's FSB is 1066, and I've heard ya'll talk of a RAM:FSB ration... shouldn't there be a place for me to set that to 1:1, so my RAM runs at 1066?

I know with my proc, if I *were* able to adjust multiplier it'd be down. That's okay, upping my RAM speed should up my CPU clock speed, right? But I see no place to do this.

Any help or suggestions? One thing I was looking forward to was oc'ing, I've heard such great things about these G0 Q6600s, I was hoping to try and see what this chip has, and whether or not I'll notice a difference from my peak OC compared to stock clocks.

Thanks ya'll!
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