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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Llamalama, i think i did read about that before, but at the moment i don't know a solution.

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT is one I've never tested. I recall seeing it in PhilT's tweaks list but never tried it. I'll check simviation, thanks for the tip Nils.

REX water textures are actually 1024, only the clouds go above that. You clouds look really good so I'm surprised to hear they're only 1024!
SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT < 30 works for me... i think but i'm almost happy with my frames, so i don't test too much.
Locking my frames to 30 helped me a lot under Win7 and DX10.

Thanks Lance! But i don't have REX and i don't feel the need to get it. FEX does a good job for clouds and water.
Steve's water normals are of higher resolution and i don't get the look of his water shots.

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