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Default Re: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Trailer!

Originally Posted by Ywap View Post
Fired up the original again in dx10 mode to test out the new graphics card. To me itīs still one of the best looking games out there. And itīs not only about the graphics, but the gameplay is rocking the hardest too!

Canīt wait for Techlands upcoming games: CoJ 2, Dead Island and Warhound to show up!

Is Poland the new supernation for pc games creation btw?
Might very well be and Russia to as they dont even know what a pc wannabe crapbox is
So they are not in the fu.. shokehold as western devs are by the consoles, atleast for now and we can only hope that it will stay that way

This is pure power and as everyone said the first game looked out of this world!
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