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Default Re: Multiseat dualhead with 2 SCREENs

Well, it did work with 180.37 - even if it was a bug, and I'm not sure if I can reproduce it again, it showed that it is at least possible. (I should have tried rendering 3D back then...)

It also seems that it is just a matter of not resetting the monitor modes - you see, when two X servers recieved Ctrl+Alt+Backspace in sync, 2 copies of the driver were loaded almost syncroneously. Maybe the driver first turns off all the monitors, then turns on only the one it uses? So, they both disabled both monitors, then each of them enabled their "own" monitor, leaving the other one running? It makes sense that way.

By the way, is there a way to completly disable "green" monitor power management such as DPMS?
It is so that the drivers couldn't disable the monitors even if they wanted to, and all they could do is to paint their VRAM black (which is not a problem)?

3D with xephyr is experimental, even if it works at all.
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