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Default Re: New Forms of SLIAA draw near.

The thing is you can't have 32xAA unless you are using 32xS (big performance hit but top notch IQ providing the application will run in that mode - some won't go past 16xS) or SLIAA. nvidia's standard control panel AA modes top out at 16xQ.

I guess I'm just pretty sensitive to aliasing and shimmering.

Speaking of which ChrisRay, you might like to ask the nvidia driver team when they are going to get around to fixing the aliasing on the battlecruiser at the start of the 3dmark05/06 demos (pics attached, see "saw teeth" on horizontal edges under hangar opening). This has never been addressed and looks butt ugly (horrendous in motion). Of course it could be a futuremark modeling error, I'm not sure.

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