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Default Re: Official 180.44 driver released

Originally Posted by nldudok1 View Post
Powermizer is still broken in 180.44

Only performance level 0 and 1 are used
level 2 and 3 are never reached
(0: nvclock 169 memclock 100, 1: nvclock 275, memclock 250)
(2: nvclock 400 memclock 400, 3: nvclock 430, memclock 400)

Also the console is still unusable after starting X (CTRL-ALT-F1 gives black screen)

system: ACER aspire 6930G with GeForce 9600M GS

Also See:
I'm in the same precise situation!!
It looks like they are not even considering this problem or at least think it's not so important to be solved quickly.
Let's hope the next release will fix it
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