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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by JT8D-9A View Post
Thanks Steve! I'm looking really forward to the DX10 support of FSWC and of course to your enhancements, but FSWC+ has been announced very long now and i hope they will really release it in the near future.

Hey Nils

Yep they've been at it a while now but i guess when you have zero documentation for the features your trying to mod it can take a lot of trial and error to find out whats what,i know what it can be like from repainting with non labeled paint kits its even worse with the Redux packs ive been working on using default Aces as ref files as some stuff on the parts that have been textured turn out to not even be parts of the model ! (im guess this is from extra detaill that was pulled out at the last min to get more FPS at RTM)

still heres a cool post over at FSWC forum showing some new stuff

cant wait to try it out

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