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Unhappy 1680x1050 has suddenly stopped working

Strange problem. I was using the resolution with no problem. I checked the list of resolutions in NVidia Settings and noticed some higher resolutions were listed, I tried 1920x1080, the TV still showed a picture but the resolution didn't seem any higher and the image was cropped, so I reverted back to 1680x1050. Now my TV was telling me it didn't support the resolution. And I haven't been able to get the resolution to work again since. I haven't changed XConfig or made any other changes to the system other than just changing the resolution as a non-root user.

I tried completely shutting down my laptop (removing battery etc.) and TV and hard-booting but this didn't work. I had them all turned off for about 5 minutes.

Some other things to note:
* I was running a Windows XP virtual machine in fullscreen mode on the TV at the time (via VirtualBox).
* I used the PC-auto button so that the TV could automatically adjust to the new resolution when I tried to change to 1920x1080 (which was reported as 1680x1050 on the TV screen even though I set it to 1920x1080).
* Now I can't use 1600x1024 as well but I can use resolutions below this, never tested it before this problem so I'm not sure if it worked before either. 1920x1080 also doesn't work now.

The most annoying thing is I only just got my TV to work with 1680x1050, it wasn't working before and buying a new cable fixed the problem. I wasn't even getting an EDID from the TV so it was obviously a rubbish cable.
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