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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

Originally Posted by The Who View Post
They also showed off a Real Time 3D Fluid and Particle Simulation and Rendering using cuda at GDC. Very cool stuff. I wonder if we'll see anything like it in Dirt2
I recall they demoed some Fluid simulation for smoke effects coming up for sewer gratings in HellGate london, looked pretty sweet, swirled when the player moved through it and stuff..
Shame the rest of the game looked like ass, think that stuff didnt acctually make it into the final game though, not really sure.

could definatly start seing stuff like that soon, specially now with OpenCL and CS, which works on all cards instead of CUDA solutions for NV only.
Its trivial stuff, so it doesnt really impact the game if you dont have the HW to run with "enhanced smoke and dust"..
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