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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig View Post
Its cool with me believe me your non-HD shots look a lot better than some Full HD shots ive seen posted of the Bell redux package hehe glad your enjoying it

The Goose HD redux is taking a little longer than i had hoped but im sure it will be worth the wait...The VC is getting a full make over this time not like the Bell VC which was mostly thrown/hacked together in a week or so & was really just a time filler while we waitted for some schemes to be finished up

heres a sneaky VC shot (still WIP) just for you guys

Wow, that looks fantastic! I'm glad you choose the Goose. One of the best default aircraft which really deserves some attention... and i think she is bug-free

Lance, the clouds are the main reason why i'm not tempted by REX. The water in Nubee's shots looks fantastic and i guess he is using REX, but with FSWC+ in the foreseeable future, i don't think i have to spend money to get fantastic water in DX10

Btw, has someone already experimented with the WaterConstants.Xml ?

I'm also looking forward to Dino's Tomcat and i hope Robert will make a photoreal repaint for it.
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