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Default Re: glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

Originally Posted by PilotJLR View Post
Although I haven't used glxgears, disregarding the OP's direct comparison is asinine.
I agree. If you're not going to help out and say something useful then don't say anything. Anything can be used as a benchmark. Some things may be less useful than others, obviously, but the OP's point was very valid: glxgears should have roughly the same performance in both distros.

In any case, I had posted another thread before I noticed that this thread had good info in it (and not just some jerk saying glxgears isn't a benchmark). I'll try passing nopat to my kernel when I get home and see if that remedies. I'll edit this post/reply back here when I find out.

Thanks guys.
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