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Default Re: glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

Originally Posted by mooninite View Post
It's not a benchmark of any sort. Stop trying to justify it. You have no experience with performance deltas or programming metrics so exit stage left, please. There's reasonable and sound information about why glxgears is not a benchmark. Trying to refute such info with a reply of "well you're a jerk" does not justify its use.
And you, apparently, have no experience with what I like to call the dictionary. In case you missed it, the whole idea was to establish a point of reference (look up benchmark in the dictionary). It may be a very basic point of reference and it might not completely test all of a card's features but it is something. Nobody here is trying to say that card A is better than card B because of a 50 fps difference in glxgears. That's what the "real benchmarks" you describe are for.

In my case, I noted my system had better significantly performance in Ubuntu than Fedora. The FPS provided by glxgears only reinforced this observation. Regardless of whether or not you're using a "real game" or a "real benchmark" the performance should be roughly the same across the board. Whether or not it's a "real benchmark" doesn't have all that much to do with it.

I am happy to report, though, that nopat seems to have resulted in performance gains here on Fedora 10. I can't verify whether or not leigh123's claim about kernel 2.6.29 is correct... I'm running 2.6.27. And in case you're interested, yes, my glxgears FPS went up by around 2000 as a result of nopat, about where it was on Ubuntu if I remember correctly.
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