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Default Re: status of linux games support

playing linux games under linuxulator 2.6 is definitely possible. installing the graphics/linux_dri or linux_dri_devel e.g. let's you play linux games with every NVIDIA card. however the performance is very bad since the libGL which get's installed by that port isn't optimized for NVIDIA cards.

the problem with not being able to run linux 3d apps under freebsd with NVIDIA's driver mustn't be blamed on NVIDIA. all they do is to ship the freebsd driver with the very same linux libraries that are being installed by the linux drivers.

the linuxulator is supposed to emulate the linux kernel. since the linux drivers work under linux, but don't under freebsd it's obvious that the linuxulator is not doing it's job!

sadly the linuxulator 2.6 is being promoted as being perfect. obviously that's not true.
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