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Default Re: Is there a way to disable void HDMI audio from DVI output of 8400GS?

Originally Posted by jbernardo View Post
I have the same problem after updating from a 7200GS to a Asus 9400GT 1GB card. It has a spdif header, but unfortunately my motherboard has a non-compatible one; the connected spdif cables have three wires (black, white and red) while the supplied cable has two (blue and red). My motherboard is a FIC P4M-915GDI-LF.

Previously I had no problem, as I had a analog audio cable connecting my line out to the tv, but with the 9400GT there is a signal in the DVI/HDMI cable and the tv (a samsung 37" LCD) doesn't allow me to force it to use the analog input.
Any ideas? The windows driver seems to be free of these problems.
Two of the wires are SPDIF+ and SPDIF- while the third wire is 5V+. If you have any documentation on the motherboard you should be able to find the SPDIF+ and SPDIF-. These are the ones that shall be connected to the 9400GT.
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