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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
I love this shot! Awesome colors and the whole works. Is that REX? If so how did you get those clouds? I've tried for a long time to get some clouds like that but have not been able to do so. lol
Hey Lance

Nope those are butched FEX clouds i took the core FEX textures and modded/edge sharppen them to make them a little more WHITE,sky tone is also custom but based on a REX them i've seen in a number of shots took the gradinets and rebuilt it (after all its just a 32x32 .bmp)

At this time i think the only unmodded part of the whole FEX package im use is the coral textures

Good luck with the game engine reseach nils,i myself love tweaking and modding almost as much as i do simming and gaming! the unreal engine is a good place to start as well as the source engine

anyone checked out the Vehicle Simulator engine yet? as a sim engine it looks like its got promise it just needs some(make that alot)of good art/content


P.s Lance your PM inbox is full nodout ppl want all your tweaking info because they cant seem to read what you've already posted hehe
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