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Default Re: I want to ask you...

Originally Posted by poolet2000 View Post
so with wine it can work???....
No. You can't install or use any drivers with wine.

if the version of linux didn't loading for some reasons.....
i try and load a live cd of linux ( i think it's suse pro) and i didn't have sound, and i haven't had the drives of ethernet... also the most strangest is that, did not have read the usb ports....

this comes , because the operation systrem is from live cd??
Might be. Probably the wrong drivers where loaded, or no drivers where loaded at all. But without further information (lspci, lsmod and dmesg) I can't tell you for sure.

You might want to try a different Live CD, more recent or older one. Ubuntu as an example, or kanotix, which has a good hardware detection.

thank you for your help......
Sorry I can't help you more, but with "it didn't work" as all information I got it is really hard to tell what might have gone wrong.

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