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Default Blank screen after second reboot 180.44 Ubuntu 8.10

Hello, first off I need to clarify that I am quite new to Ubuntu and Linux in general, and even though I'd like to think that I am learning at a fairly quick pace, I still need help with some of the basics. Also, I'm sure that this topic has been covered a multitude of times, however I've been unable to find a solution that works for me. Onward.

After a clean install of Ubuntu 8.10, the update manager upgrades my kernel to 2.26.27-11-generic, and reboots. I decide to install the latest drivers through the nvidia-glx-180 package in synaptic (Ubuntu doesn't find 180 in the Hardware Manager or whatever), as well as all that it suggests, the 180-dev package, and the 180-module-something-or-other that is described as being helpful in detecting hardware (sorry if I'm being vague here). After running nvidia-xconfig, I restart X using ctrl-alt-bckspc, and much to my surprise it works (I've gone through quite a few attempts at this over the past week ). I check X Nvidia Settings through the System bar, and it found everything on my system: Motherboard, SLI, both GPUs, even the monitor refresh rate (60Hz). Great, right?

Then I turn off my computer, as I usually do when I'm done with it, and upon rebooting I'm left with a completely black screen. Judging by the HDD indicator and the num lock LED, Ubuntu completely loads up, however the LED on my monitor flickers as if my computer has been turned off. The only thing I can think of is that my monitor resolution/refresh rate is conflicting with the settings, however nvidia-settings definitely tells me otherwise.

I know I'm supposed to attach the xorg.conf file and an error report, but I don't really know how I can do that if I can't access the desktop, and I can't imagine anything unusual showing up in the error report. Any suggestions? My monitor's specs are a 1280x1024@60Hz. Sorry for typing so damn much.
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