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Default [Solved] Nvidia 8500 secondary screen tearing


I have been writing about this topic earlier.

So if there is thread which provides fix, please let me know. We have been unable to find it. And we have also tried, displaydriver and VLC (and other players) to solve the problem unsuccessfully.

I'm wishing that someone with real driver experience would take a look, replicate the problem and fix it.

- Thank you

-- It finally started to work --

Hey! I did attack this problem once more as "final try". And I did get it to work.

So I did reset xorg.conf, deleted all nvidia related settings, deleted all VNC settings . Uninstalled and reinstall driver 180.44 and updated VLC to 1.0 pre-release. And guess what, now it's working.

Reason for my problem might have been some "legacy payload" from way old Ubuntu versions, I haven't instlalled from scratch for three years. I also tried as start multiple different X configurations and I had to fight with VNC to get full screen mode working at all on secondary screen. So there might have been multiple overlapping reasons why it didn't work out and some misconfiguration. It's normal that when you try to fix something by trying everything, you'll probably end up just messing up your system more.

So if you're suffering from same problem with VLC I can tell you that now it's working with 8500gt after all. I'm also using realtime priority for VLC. But I haven't tried if that option really plays any significant role with this case.

- Thank you!

P.S. Also full hd x264 1080p stuff is running nicely on both screens simultaneously.

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