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Default Re: vdpau fails - 180.37 - MPlayer SVN-r28942-4.3.3

I'm encountering similar difficulties with a 9500GT (Palit, DDR2 512MB) under XBMC on Ubuntu 8.10. If I replace it with an 8600GTS, VDPAU works beautifully. Drivers used are 185.13, 180.37, 180.44.

I tried switching to windows - DXVA failed to start on the 9500GT, but again, it worked fine for the 8600GTS, changing nothing but the cards. I can't find anything anywhere on the 'net with someone reporting success. Drivers on windows were 182.50 and one from a month or so ago (I forget which).

Has anyone actually got a 9500GT doing h264/vc1 hardware acceleration?
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