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Default Re: GeForce 8100 in spasm mode

Originally Posted by flameproof View Post
After plenty of testing with Ubuntu 8.10 32 + 64, OpenSuse 11.0 32+64, 11.1 32 I have a conclusion:

nvidia 8100 is NOT suitable for any form of Linux with a screen. Avoid anything with geforce 8100! If you have a 8100 - give up now!

Finally I got a separate geforce 8400 (~US$30) for my PC and it works out of the box perfectly - even without installing any of the special 173 or 177 drivers!

No flicker, 24b colors, 1280 x 1024, the "goat" Background, full screen effects - all work out of the box.

PS: support in this forum really disappoints.
For the record, I had the same problem which I've now *solved* -- terrible scrolling in Firefox, bad flash/YouTube performance, and so forth.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 and, despite nvidia-glx-180 being the latest available package, the drivers in it are no good (it's version 180.11 as of right now). Those of you who want the best performance for the 8100 card (nForce 720a chipset) should download the 180.44 release straight from nVidia and run their installer:

Make sure you remove (i.e aptitude purge) the existing nvidia-glx/nvidia-XXX-kernel-source packages, if you have any. And follow their instructions (it's on the FTP site). You may also have to recompile some things on your own, but if you solve those problems, the performance is night and day.

Hope this helps someone -- the 8100 does not suck

Romy Maxwell
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