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Default Re: vdpau fails - 180.37 - MPlayer SVN-r28942-4.3.3

I also can not get my 9500GT (Gainward, 512MB, fanless) to work, here is my case:

I am using a Gainward 9500GT (according to Gainward produced i feb-09).
The environment used when testing is:
Ubuntu 08.10
CPU: AMD 8450 (3 cores slightly overclocked to 2.3GHZ)
Mem: 2GB
Drivers used when trying to get the 9500GT to work have been:
- 180.29
- 180.35
- 180.41
- 185.13
The logs below use the driver 180.44.

I have tested with two applications and logged according to:
- run
- xine
Both applications are VDPAU capable.

Using a ASUS 8600GT (fanless) card both applications work fine using the acceleration and displaying beautiful H.264 decoding.
When I switch to my Gainward 9500GT the XBMC shows a myriad of coloured dots and xine just exits.
I did not change anything else during the card swap.

I have attached a number of logs taken after XBMC was run and before xine was run.

The case with 9500GT seems to be a strange one. There are people reporting H.264 to work on 9500GT and as I understand they are using the linux drivers when it works.
My card is to be used in a HTPC therefore I would like to use the Gainward 9500GT which is fanless a does not generate as much heat as the 8600GT.

If more logs are needed I would be happy to send them.
A friend of mine has tried the same using X86-64 with the same problems.


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