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Default Re: Mplayer vdpau and nvidia 8200 IGP

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Try removing ",xv," (including tommas) from vo, and the trailing comma from vc. Possibly that'll give some better error information instead of just falling back automatically.
I did, but it had no effect :-(

I notice there's a space in ffwmv3vdpau. Was that a cut/paste typo?
Yes, it was. Sorry


Please also check the configure.log from when you built MPlayer. Does it say VDPAU was detected correctly?
Yes, configure says it has vdpau support. Just to make sure, I have installed mythbuntu and the mplayer version from gives me the same oputput:

[vc1_vdpau @ 0x899c380]Incomplete extradata
Could not open codec.
VDecoder init failed

I'm starting to think (from what I read in other threads in this forum) that vdpau does not support acceleration for the mkv file I'm trying to play. With other mkvs this work perfectly. I'll try to play more mkv types and see what happens.

Also, I'm attaching a couple of files with mplayer outputs for different command-line options in another message in the same thread.

Thanks to both of you for your time.
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