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Default Re: Ridd-ick: Assault on Dark Athena: Official Thread

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
Same here even it looks last gen and Magus WTF is up with you. start talking about graffics lately as you dident before. can it be since you finaly saw the light and started Pc gaming again so what next, you gonna start biatching like the rest of us how the dhsk2123 ****if9989 consolas drags down Pc gaming ? LOL
I never stopped PC Gaming... I just went back to desktops recently. Always played games on my Laptop...

As for different talk... there is not difference. I was commenting on how Butcher Bay looks almost the same as the original version even though starbreeze claimed to bump up its engine.

Never said it looks bad, I think it looks great still, Tons of style to the game... just don't think its worth rebuying if Athena is as bad as reviews say it is.
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