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Default Re: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 C216 Superclocked or Vanilla GTX 275?

Well just to throw in my 2c, my superclocked clocks to 700/1402/1295, which isn't very high on the ALU's. At that level the TMU performance is equal (700 * 72 vs 633 * 80), ROP higher on the c216, and shaders differ by 11%. Additionally memory bandwidth is higher on the c216 @ 1295 mhz. So yeah, if you're just looking to match what you see in the benchmarks then stay with the c216 and oc a little. The 275 apparently clocks very well, so that is something to take into account. Obviously your may vary, so check what you have on your card, and if it is sufficiently high, I wouldn't change.
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