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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by mfb View Post
I'm starting to believe they barely read anything on this forum. :S.
AaronP, who is identified as being affiliated with the nvidia corporation in some way and has commented on the status of Linux driver fixes in this forum numerous times, has posted a total of 180 times in this forum alone since the "180.11 powermizer still broken" thread was started in early December. zander, who appears to be in a similar position, has posted 42 times in the same time frame.

So yes, at least two of the employees are definitely reading this forum and posting information on nvidia drivers and bugs here. I am not sure whether they are actually developers, but they are certainly in contact with them. So either they are intentionally not reading threads on this particular issue, or they are reading them but have ignored all our requests for comment. That is almost certainly Nvidia's decision either way, not theirs, but it is still pretty striking that we have had no comment whatsoever from anyone affiliated with nvidia in any way despite the fact that they are certainly heavily involved here.
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