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Default Re: open sourced drivers?

At least the Nvidia drivers work much better than fglrx for me. radeonhd has a long way to go on my machine (only one ati computer, rest nvidia, but I've had a lot of computers with ati+linux and it was a painful experience).

I agree on that it should be open source. I don't have so much against closed sourced apps like Nerolinux... Even though I would like Nerolinux to be open source all the other burning apps I've tried are a complete joke (Gnomebaker, Brasero, K3B + some more). Soon we will probably see Steam on Linux and I would rather have that as a closed sourced native app than nothing at all.

Drivers in my opinion should never be closed source with controlled releases because it often results in problems when something in Linux or Xorg updates. I want my drivers inside the Xorg package or provided with the distribution and no troubles when updating the kernel!

Intel GPU:s lacks the performance I want except possibly the M4500HD.
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