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Default Re: Problem with setting performance level, 180.29, ubuntu 8.10

Originally Posted by TheBlackCat View Post
It was noticed long before that. Nobody is exactly sure why the developers are ignoring it, because they have so far refused to make any comment on or even acknowledgement of the issue of any sort.
Actually there was a single reply in januari stating that the problem is being worked at:

My Guess is that some notebook manufacturers did something non-standard in the vga-bios.

But the windows driver seems to cope with that, so why does the linux driver not.

Maybe the notebookmanufacturers also patched the windows driver to work with their special bios or wiring of the GPU.
This should be easy to test.

Try a nvidia windows driver downloaded from nvidia (not from the notebook manufacturer) and see if that works OK on windows.

If that works, then nvidia should also be ably to make a similar linux driver that works.
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