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Default multidisplay/mixed GPU accel option in linux?

I have two displays hooked up. Normally I have the second display off. Most things seem to work fine in linux and windows. One game available in both, (enemy territory quake wars) was choppy in linux and windows.

I read that with two displays hooked up (even if only one is active), it's needed to set multi-display/mixed gpu acceleration to 'single display performance mode' with opengl apps or games due to a bug with opengl.

Anyway I set it to single display, and windows ETQW was smooth as glass. Happy with this I then tried to find the linux option, going through the nvidia readme, I see no option for anything related to this. Another option that gave a little boost as well is the nvidia option 'threaded optimization' set to on. Again, I don't see anything mentioning these features in linux nvidia binary.

My system is a 2.66 dual core 2 gigs of ram, 9800 gt. In windows xp I use the latest nvidia driver and in linux (ubuntu 8.10) I've done the obvious things like disable compiz, shut off pulseaudio, run the game outside of gnome in a barebones wm.

So I'd like to confirm if these windows options exist in the linux driver. It's a shame I reboot to play a game in windows, that has an existing native binary in linux.
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