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I know its not telling X my monitor cant do that resolution, i know for a fact it can, and at 79 Hz, but if it did it would be saying the v or h-sync was out of range, not mode not known, anyway i heard of somone else having this same problem when upgrading to xfree86 4.2 im wondering if this is xfree86 porblem or nvidia driver problem, but i remember back in the day a while back i could do it on my 19 inch monitor using the nv driver on an old version of xfre86 and not with the nvidia driver, but thats because the nv driver cant detect the resolutions my monitor can do and my monitor wasnt suppost to be doing 2048x1536 but still that was an older version and it worked fine, i hope stupid xfree86 guys tookout that mode, thats the stupidist most ignorant thing i could ever hear, i mean comeon, they already had it supported in an older version! its not like they didnt add it, they would have to have taken it out. weak!
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