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Default Re: Driver works with onboard 8200 but not with 8400gs PCIe

Uninstalled nvidia stuff, rebooted 8200 without errors but at a resolution of 800x600. I could not change this in displays as it would not detect the display so didn't offer any higher choices.

Swapped in the 8400 and got this error:
Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode
Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself.

Clicked OK, Reconfigure graphics, Create new configuration for this hardware, OK, restart, cancel out of errors again then restart.

Same errors but this time selected use default (generic) configuration instead of creating a new one.

Same error again, tried to restart in low graphics mode and got this error

There already appears to be an X server running on dissplay :0.
Should another display number be tried? Answering no will cause GDM to attempt starting the server on :0 again.
(You can change consoles by pressing Ctrl-Alt plus a function key, such as Ctrl-Alt-F7 to go to console 7.
X servers usually run on consoles 7 and higher.)

Then a <yes> or <no> choice.

Choosing no starts the desktop at 1024x768, monitor still unknown. Detect Monitors button in Display Preferences doesn't change it from unknown.

Xorg.0.log can be seen at
dmesg output is at

Thanks for all your help! I've installed ubuntu at least 8 times on various older desktops and laptops without any problems. This is the first time on new hardware and its almost as bad a windows install
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