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Default Re: Blank screen after second reboot 180.44 Ubuntu 8.10

After purging the old packages, i can now start ubuntu in low-graphics mode, with the errors:
"unable to load module 'type1'"
"screens found, but none in a usable configuration"

the nvidia-xconfig command seems to do nothing now, as when i restart X with ctrl-alt-bckspc i get the same error message ("you do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver) in nvidia-settings. i have attached my xorg.0.log as well as an archived nvidia-bug-report.log file.


EDIT: the nvidia bug report shows an error message occuring during installation, since this post was made i have reinstalled the drivers and did not get any error messages whatsoever during installation. however, everything else is exactly the same, including all other error messages.
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