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Default Is selling your account practical?

Wow is kinda pissing me off lately and I really think I am going to quit playing this game. The question is whether or not it would be worth it to try to sell my account. I know a lot of people who are in this business can be scam artists so that's why I am debating it.

I have a feeling that it should be worth SOMETHING though which may make it worth the risk. My main (druid) has not only all of the best PVP gear in the game, but a handfull of rare mounts (including the proto drake,) and all of the best feral DPS and feral tanking gear in the game, not only that but nearly a full set of valorous resto AND boomkin gear. I am thinking if I do sell him I should do so before the next content patch comes out since all of that gear won't be as good anymore.

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