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Originally posted by The Baron
Gracias. Nobody here deletes anything that has content--if you want to complain about NVIDIA and have a decent reason for posting about it, knock yourself out. It's the spam and the personal attacks and the fanboy bashing ("dude nv suxxors omfglolz ati roxxors my boxxors") that will get stuff deleted/closed.
Yup, and you and the rest of the staff here at nVnews has done a great job at keeping the peace while not interrupting the dialogue. My hat really is off to you and the rest of the folks here at nVnews, I don't envy you your jobs right now. (I HATE being a mod at places you actually have to work at and not just have the powers to abuse for fun....see why they don't give me more powers at EB now? )

I think this is the only place that I don't mind me posts being wiped out on, but you folks have earned my trust & respect in that department....weird.
[SIZE=1][I]"It was very important to us that NVIDIA did not know exactly where to aim. As a result they seem to have over-engineered in some aspects creating a power-hungry monster which is going to be very expensive for them to manufacture. We have a beautifully balanced piece of hardware that beats them on pure performance, cost, scalability, future mobile relevance, etc. That's all because they didn't know what to aim at."
-R.Huddy[/I] [/SIZE]
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