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Default Failed to initialize GLX extension

I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread, but I can't get Search to work on my copy of Firefox.

I'm running Linux 64 bit, Ubuntu 8.10. I have a GeForce 9600GT and it was working great with the NVIDIA AMD version 177.82 driver.
I downloaded and installed the version 180.44 driver and it will not initialize properly.
It seems to be starting the 177.82 driver and loading 180.44 x server, I think.
I get this error message in the system log.

"API mismatch: The client module has the version 180.44, but this kernel module has the version 177.82. Please make sure this kernel module and all NVIDIA driver coponents have the same version."
My display works in low resolution mode only.
I am very new to Linux and need help.
I can send message files if it helps.

I tried to attach my Nvidia-bug-report.log file, but it seems to be too large.


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